Dear Empathy Friends,
We will heal the wounds of the earthquake together. We would like to thank everyone and all of our volunteers who supported us.
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Şehitkamil Empati İlkokulu

Şahinbey Empati İlkokulu

About Us

Dear Friends of Empathy,

As the Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association, we have been adding value to Gaziantep in the areas of education, social responsibility and culture so as to create benefit for the society since February 13, 2009. We have constructed and donated to the Ministry of Education two primary schools, each with 32 classrooms, in the districts of Şehitkamil and Şahinbey in Gaziantep and ensured high quality education for their 3620 graduates and 3370 active students. In 2023, we took a higher step and signed the protocol for the Empathy Secondary School.

Currently, in cooperation with the PTA and administrators at the Şehitkamil Empati Primary School and Şahinbey Empati Primary School, we continue to assume an active role and responsibility in order to maximize the quality of education at these schools.

To this end, we have organized a School Improvement program in 2019 and 2020 together with the Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) in order to support the development of not only the students but also the teachers. Within the scope of the Online Education Support program that we launched during the pandemic, we provided support for a total of 307 students in the fields of maths, science and English in cooperation with the School Support Association. Today, students in need of support continue to access education content and support. We provide regular scholarships for 65 students under the Scholarship Funds program reserved for children and teenagers to achieve the same level of education as their peers.

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