Politics Magazine

Chairwoman Pınar Topçuoğlu who received the ‘Best Social Responsibility Project of the Year’ award from the Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz for education oriented works at the award ceremony held at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel by the Politics Magazine, said, “Education is of great importance in the development of our country and in raising generations in compliance with 21st century standards. We have to raise our children for the future under the best conditions. The knowledge and skills they will acquire will not only accelerate the development of the country, but also increase Türkiye’s competitive position in the world. I would like to thank our philanthropists who contributed to our association and our board members and association members for their devoted work in the activities of the association.” Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association was praised by AKP Deputy Chairman Abdulkadir Aksu. Congratulating Chairwoman Pınar Topçuoğlu at the ceremony, Aksu said, “We closely follow the successful work of your association. Your huge support for education is truly praiseworthy. The social responsibility projects you carry out for the education of our women will play an important role in enlightening the people of this country. I congratulate you wholeheartedly and wish you continued success.”