6th Empathy Shopping Festival

The 6th Shopping Festival, organized by the Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association in order to support educational projects and scholarship funds, was held at Teymur Continental Hotel on 4-5 December.

The shopping festival started with the ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül and Mrs. Gülden Gül, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, esteemed wife of Gaziantep Provincial Gendarme Commander Şerife Uysal, Sanko Holding Honorary President Abdülkadir Konukoğlu, Sanko Universityt Rector Güner Dağlı, Durmuş İşsever, Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association Chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu, Sanko Holding Board Member Cengiz Konukoğlu, artist Günseli Kato, Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association Board and members, Empathy Schools students and guests.

In her speech at the opening ceremony, Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association Chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu said that they are honored to host an event organized for the benefit of education. Continuing her speech, Konukoğlu said: “I believe that Empathy has raised awareness in Gaziantep on education. Empathy Association’s strength is increasing with the unification of women’s power and Gaziantep’s power on a common platform. We are very lucky to be carrying out this activity in a city like Gaziantep. Our city embraces us in this sense. The number of participants in the shopping festivals we organize is increasing every year and this year we are hosting venerable brands once again. Accordingly, Gaziantep is making a name for itself in the Turkish arena. We thank all our participants for their support. Empathy Association will always continue to support education in Gaziantep. I believe we have created an awareness in our city with our efforts. I hope that the number of people who organize such events increases day by day across the country. It should not be forgotten that what a country needs the most is the opening of more schools and increased number of literate and intellectual individuals.

Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin said, “I congratulate the Empathy Association on behalf of myself and my city. This is such a responsibility regarding how a social responsibility project sets an example for the whole country. It is very important for the initiative to be able to contribute to urban education. Every year, Empathy Association continues to empower itself. We take our strength from you. The title empathy is very meaningful. If we can instil the feeling of empathy throughout the world, we will become sisters and brothers. We appreciate and admire the good works done by Empathy. I want you to know that we will take part in all Empathy projects together with our Governor. We have guests from out of town, prominent brands and it gives us strength to come together with them.”

Speaking at the festival, Governor Davut Gül thanked Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association. Stating the importance of Empathy, Governor Gül said, “I was really surprised when Empathy visited me. Two schools have already been built and donated to national education and all of this done by women. I congratulate them with all my heart. In general, the notion of civil society has not been fully established in our country. NGOs try to stand on their own feet under normal conditions. The fact that this association is run only by women is another source of honor. Empathy is a very important association. We need philanthropists. We need 70 more philanthropists. As long as we attain such sensitivity, we can deal with Gaziantep’s education problems. I sincerely thank all the members and our association for their support.”

After the opening ceremony, esteemed representatives of our protocol visited the stands of brands from various cities of Turkey, accompanied by the chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu and the board of directors.

This year, Sponza, Kutnia, Noella, Nolte Kitchen, Üsküdar Antik, Bobbi Brown & La Mer, Cerceylan, Hivda Karakoç, C&M Dream House, Ottica Optik, Vlove Chocolate, Derya Aykılıç Jewelry, Gülsoy Jewelry, Escada, Ender Jewelry, Sister’s Home Boutique, Punto by Esra İnceefe, Hk Wishlist, Ara Collection, Aypen Accessories& Pie’Not, Ayşe Rodoslu, Edwards, Ayna Boutique, Decorey, Di Project, Dreamshandsmade, E26, Geo Global Education Organization, Glam by Burcu, Glowing Diaries, Deniz Samlı Handmade Design, Calorie Food, Modart Architecture, Navet by Ersin, Nuu Atelier, Opium Jewelry, Perspective Ponponiere, Princess Design, Seda İnan, Selin Ecer, Sorbe, Swarovski, S -Life, Tülin Ceramics, Yaya Boutique, Zerender’s Umbrella contributed to education by setting up stands so that the income raised from the shopping festival will be allocated to fund new educational projects.

On the 1st day of the festival, luxury brand consultant and jewelery writer Özlem Güsar took part in the festival with her talk on ‘Jewelry Legends’ and on the 2nd day, artist Günseli Kato joined us and delivered an art talk.

The 6th Empathy Shopping Festival, which attracted huge interest from the visitors, ended with the presentation of certificates of appreciation to the participating brands by Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association Chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu, the management and the members of the association.