Ayta Sözeri Concert

We hosted acclaimed actress, singer and LGBT activist Ayta Sözeri for a concert at Gaziantep Divan Hotel on October 19, 2018. The concert, the income of which will be allocated to education, was heavily attended by the ladies of Gaziantep.

Chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu, in her opening speech before the concert, emphasized the importance of women’s power and cooperation. She thanked the sponsors Mac Sanko Park and By Mehmet Organization, and all the education volunteers. She also thanked businesswoman Leyla Alaton for her support.

Leyla Alaton took to stage and talked about the importance of women’s cooperation and works done in the name of education and conveyed her thanks to our association for our vision.

After the beautiful concert, Chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu presented gifts from the Gaziantep region to Ms. Sözeri.