Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra gave a magnificent concert at the Şehitkamil Cultural Center in order to provide support for the educational projects of Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association.

Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, Sanko University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sınav, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ergun Özuslu, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Assembly President Mustafa Topçuoğlu and Sanko Holding Board Members Hakan and Cengiz Konukoğlu and many classical music lovers were there for the concert.

Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association Chairwoman Zeynep Konukoğlu, in her speech before the concert, said, “Thank you for not leaving us alone on this special night we came together to provide support for a social responsibility project.” Konukoğlu stated that they built a primary school with 24 classrooms to contribute to education and said, “We do not find it sufficient and we have started new projects to raise the education standard.” Noting that the association they founded in 2009 has accomplished successful projects with the support of the people of Gaziantep, Konukoğlu said, “We are working on education oriented projects. In the 2013-2014 academic year, we brought a 24-classroom primary school where 1006 students receive education in Gaziantep, which provides empathy also with its architectural project. Konukoğlu said, “Whatever is done in the name of education seems to be not enough. In this direction, we organized the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra concert in order to increase our contribution to education,” and continued as follows: “I would like to thank our world-famous State Artist, piano virtuoso Gülsin Onay, violin virtuoso Toğrul Ganiyev, Maestro Burak Tüzün, valuable performers of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra for their support. After this concert, I believe the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will come to our city again. Knowing that they will enrich our artistic endeavors makes us very happy. I would also like to thank our main sponsor Garanti BBVA and our co-sponsor Audi Acarsan.” After Zeynep Konukoğlu’s speech, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra took the stage with applause and performed the works of world-famous composers.

At the end of the music feast, Empathy Chairwoman Zeynep Konukoğlu presented flowers to Gülsin Onay, Toğrul Ganiyev and Burak Tüzün.


The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1993. The Orchestra is composed of experienced artists from various countries as well as Türkiye. With these characteristics, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra is the first private, academic and international artistic group in Turkey.

With an average of 50 events each season and the participation of Turkish and foreign conductors, soloists and choirs, the Orchestra aims to bring a wide range of activities to large audiences; to spread the appreciation of music at the national level through its tours; to undertake international activities and develop cooperation with institutions abroad organizing such events; and to form a bridge of artistic communication with other countries.

Along these objectives the Orchestra has toured Italy, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and Japan. The orchestra has recorded over 40 CDs with labels such as BMP, NAXOS and EMI.

In the events they realized since their establishment by the extensive cooperation they made with various institutions, organizations and particularly with NGOs, the Orchestra has won the awards of “Contribution to Universal Friendship and World Peace” (Mevlana Foundation) and “Cultural Representation from Local to Universal” (Ankara Public Relations Association) and is UNICEF Türkiye Goodwill Ambassador since 2009.