Empathy BigChefs Breakfast

Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association launched their new projects at the breakfast gathering held at BigChefs.

Addressing prominent names of the society Chairwoman Pınar Topçuoğlu said, “I would like to cite all the activities we have carried out so far together with our friends here. We have realized many of our dreams with our friends who have been supporting our association since its foundation. It was our biggest dream as an association to complete the Empathy Primary School where education began in September and the official opening of which was held in the past months. We would like to thank our friends who did not leave us alone in all our activities just like today and all our benefactors who supported our association.

We will be throwing a New Year’s Shopping Festival on 23-24 December. It will be organized in the format of a shopping fair. It is traditional to buy gifts for loved ones for the New Year and the festival will offer a distinguished environment where many brands come together with visitors looking for all kinds of souvenirs. We hope you will all enjoy it.”