Healthy Life Conference with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Maranki

Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association held a conference with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Maranki.

Answering the questions of the press members before the conference, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Maranki thanked Chairwoman Pınar Topçuoğlu for organizing the conference and said, “I am very pleased to be in Gaziantep, the apple of Turkey’s eye. This is my third time coming to Gaziantep. I was previously here for a conference as well. Gaziantep is very important for its added values to Türkiye. Mrs. Elmas Maranki and I are here upon the invitation of Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association to share healthy living strategies with the people of Gaziantep.

People’s life expectancy will not change but it is possible to live a quality life. How to live a quality and healthy life, how to live the rest of our lives… Here, I call out to industrialists and businessmen who work with great performance and let them know that it is possible to live quality life but we need to use our minds. I will share information about the effects of colors, stones and scents on people as well as the benefits of the secret world of 124 thousand kinds of plants.”

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Chairwoman Pınar Topçuoğlu said that they were happy to bring Ahmet Maranki together with the people of Gaziantep and thanked attendants.
In the conference, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Maranki gave information on what kind of food should be consumed, how to consume food, healthy and permanent weight loss methods, secret healing power of herbs, cosmic products and their benefits, migraine points, migraine massage and healing stones.