Talk With Dilara Koçak On 2019 Nutrition Trends

Empathy Social Responsibility and Education Association hosted renowned dietitian and nutritionist Dilara Koçak for a talk on the topic of ‘2019 Nutrition Trends’ in Hışvahan on March 20, 2019.

The event opened with an open buffet of healthy snacks and continued with the presentation of Dilara Koçak where she talked about the nutrition trends of 2019, the rights and wrongs made in diets, erroneous nutrition, sustainable nutrition, the ‘Zero Waste Zero Hunger’ project and the social responsibility project where 1-month kitchen expenses of a family of 4 are covered by the Basic Needs Association with income raised from the ‘Smile First’ bags.

The mind opening event ended with the presentation of a plaque of appreciation to Dilara Koçak by Chairwoman Hale Konukoğlu.